Folding Bicycle Reviews

Today’s bike enthusiasts are raving about “Foldies” as more folding bicycle reviews appear online. Folding bicycles provide a unique approach to solving bike portability. The bike parts are designed to fold for easier transport and storage. This has led to an explosion of manufacturers producing all styles of folding bicycles with different costs and features.

Folding Bike Reviews

Folding Bike Reviews

A great bike for folding bicycle reviews is the, U.K. developed, Strida LT Folding Bike. The design of the Strida LT is a unique combination of function and style. It sports a triangular frame that provides for a good upright ride and excellent view of the road ahead. The gel gripped handlebars are raised, allowing for a comfortable handling. The Strida LT has features that you would expect from high-end bikes. A single speed powered by a Kevlar grease less belt system and cable disc brakes. The frame is light weight rust-proof powdered aluminum, with a welded bracket bottom.

Most folding bicycle reviews focus on the Striada LT’s folding system. The folding system has a very small footprint, that allows the small wheel base to be utilized so that it does not need to be carried. Even the folding is done through magnets that allow the bike to be folded with ease. This is a feature that many folding bicycle reviews look for. Even the luggage rack functions as a carrying stand, when the bike is folded. The approximate folding tie is approximately 5 to 10 seconds, on average. The Striada LT can be found for around $600 and has achieved high marks from many folding bicycle reviews.

On the opposite end of cost are folding bicycle reviews of the Kent 8 mini folding bike. This is a light weight single gear bike, that is powered by a dual chain system. It features alloy wheels with linear pull breaks and adjustable handle bars and seat. The greatest benefit of this bike is the small size, taking up only 28 x 16 x 23 inches, when folded. Costing around $96 it is a very good deal.

The small tire size may help with keeping the footprint small, but it does not give the bike speed. Folding bike reviews point out that the small tire size makes it harder to obtain speed on the bike. This means that the rider must work harder to keep up speeds to assist in balance. This is one drawback that many folding bike reviews point out. For cost and construction though, the Kent 8 mini folding bicycle, may be a great introduction.

More and more companies are looking into construction of folding bikes. Some companies even offer modifications to BMX bikes to make them foldable. Even electric bikes are starting to come in foldable designs. As biking becomes more popular, expect great developments from the cutting edge manufacturers.

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