Folding Bicycle

The folding bicycle has been around for much longer than most people imagine. The French Army used them for their bicycle infantry during the late 1800’s. This was actually the start of a long relationship between the folding bicycle and the military. In the Second World War, French paratroopers made jumps with the collapsing bikes, providing transportation for the troops after landing in hostile environments.

Folding Bicycle

Folding Bicycle

Today’s modern folding bicycles are much lighter and more portable than their early ancestors and the number of uses for the bikes continues to grow. High traffic areas, such as New York City, is a Mecca for folding bicycles, as riders have the ability to fold their bikes and carry them into work or subways. The portability factor is the main draw when choosing a folding bicycle and the lighter and more compact a bike becomes, more uses for the bike become apparent.

The ability to stow a folding bicycle in the trunk of a car or even transporting it by boat or plane, is an invaluable asset in many situations. Campers are particularly keen on the portability aspect of the folding bike. With limited storage in RVs, the ability to fold a bike and bring it along as local transportation has been a hit in campsites for decades. The bikes are also popular for day trips in a car, allowing the traveler to park at their favorite destination and pedal around the area, enjoying the sights.

Folding bikes break down in different ways, depending on the model and manufacturer. Some are hinged at about the middle of the frame and fold in half. Others break down further, including wheel removal, allowing them to be packed into travel bags, designed specifically to hold the bikes while transporting.

There are folding bicycle reviews on the internet, comparing different models and giving feedback on ease of use, portability, price and quality. Many bike stores sell folding bicycles alongside BMX bikes, electric bikes and bike parts. A quick search online should provide a list of dealers near you where you can find a variety of bicycles and accessories.

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